Outplacement and Careers

Richard Hale provides outplacement services to corporate, business, public and voluntary sector organisations, working mainly with senior and mid-level executives and professionals.

This includes:

  • Career review and profiling
  • Review of personal,professional and leadership competencies
  • Coaching and mentoring in job search, interview and presentation skills
  • Support in profile raising, networking and developing a powerful social media presence
  • Advice regarding professional, executive and academic development
  • Access to a considerable professional and business network
  • Face-to-face and online support.


Organisations are facing an increasing rate of change as the digital revolution accelerates. Change is happening at 10 times the speed and with 300 times the scope of the Industrial Revolution. Pre and Post Brexit economic and political developments will see both challenges and opportunities for executives across sectors including finance, banking, investment, government services, healthcare and construction.

Business, government, public and third sector organisations are being disrupted at an unprecedented rate as markets, products, services are being re-defined and invented as never before.

The implications for organisational leadership, professionals and managers is profound. Traditional professions have to adapt, new professional fields are burgeoning. Organisational strategy must become focused yet agile.

For individuals navigating such torrid waters there is a need to adopt a flexible mind-set regarding ways of working, career choices and professional development. The ability to learn will become as important as know-how. Self-awareness in terms of transferable competencies will become key to success as will personal qualities such as courage, confidence and leadership.

For those managing transformation within an organisation such as HR, Organisation Design and Development and Change professionals this will mean an increasing requirement to provide professional support to those who are both joining and exiting their organisation. The level and nature of such support will reflect the human values of the organisation and its corporate social responsibility.

Whether in business, sport or government those who ultimately succeed will at some point face critical decisions and choices in their career. At times these situations are managed proactively by the individual who makes a decision to change job, employer or even career. On occasions there is a need to respond to situations beyond one’s full control, such as the loss of a job, a redundancy or a re-structure.

At such times there is a need to work on ‘oneself’ as well as the situation. This means managing personal motivation, emotions and psychology as well as taking a pragmatic approach to ensuring you land the right job which is going to satisfy your life and career aspirations.

Asking for support and taking advice is as important as managing the process of job search. For many the situation they face proves to be a watershed in making career defining decisions. The support of the effective outplacement service provided by Dr Richard Hale enables clients to address critical career questions. Often senior people in organisations have spent so much of their time and energy ‘doing’ that they neglect the key requirement to take stock and ‘reflect’ on how they got to where they are.
Everyone has their unique story behind them - a rich and colourful tapestry of life and career experiences shaped by deploying skills and qualities that have led to success.

Richard works with his clients helping them to develop self-insight,to challenge their thinking about what they could achieve and where they could head next whilst supporting them as they engage in the practicalities of presenting themselves on the jobs market.

This support is provided in a confidential, coaching style underpinned with a spirit of appreciation and trust. This is structured around a reflective questioning and action oriented process which enables leaders, executives and professionals to help themselves to take control of their career and to seize opportunities at a time of personal vulnerability.

Outplacement Support

Initial Meeting
Provided either face-to-face or online, at no charge, to ensure mutual commitment and compatibility between the outplacement consultant and the client. Followed by agreement to proceed and formulation of a programme plan including…

Career Review
Face-to-face or online meeting. c2 hours. Consideration of career to date, current thinking about next steps, personal SWOT audit, agree appropriate selection of diagnostic, feedback tools. This builds over the course of the programme into a personal profile portfolio report which is based on the career CV and provides depth and articulation of competencies demonstrated to support job application and interviews. 

Diagnostic & development tools
Tailored to individual needs and interests such providing clarity of capabilities and preferences in areas such as learning styles, team working, leadership, personality, values.  Also practical tools to support ongoing competency development in areas such as impact, influence etc.

Recruitment Interview & Presentation Skills Preparation and Practice
Coaching, resources, feedback and practice to help in preparation for actual interviews, and presentations to prospective employer organisations and influencing skills. Briefing and de-briefing before and after interviews.

Public Profile Review and Support
Review of public profile, network and social media presence. Coaching in network development. Support in working with executive search and recruitment agencies.

Monthly Meetings
Monthly meetings are offered on a one-to-one basis and held at a location of choice including Institute of Directors Pall Mall, London or the Engine Shed, Bristol. Between meetings online and telephone support is provided and clients are able to access support resources via an online Basecamp platform.

Continuing Professional Development Planning
Review and planning of professional development. Consideration of business, academic and professional qualification options.

Outplacement & Career Coaching Services Brochure

Dr Richard Hale - Outplacement Consultant Profile

“Over my career certain high achievers from different worlds have come to me for support in their own career transitions. For instance an international sports coach, a high level criminal detective and a senior female executive. It wasn’t planned this way but I have noticed they all were looking for support at a time in their life where some of the solid foundations of their professional life were being shaken.

These were outwardly confident leaders of people and organisations who were inwardly hurting.  Intuitively I knew they needed what might be called ‘psycho-social support’, a trusted listener. They didn’t want anyone to tell them what to do and they knew full well they had to manage themselves through a difficult stage of life. They wanted honest feedback, practical guidance and help with different skills such as how to present their prior career and how to extend their public profile.

Outcomes were unique for each – the sports coach got on the public speaking circuit and took on a new national coach role outside of the UK, the detective was able to contextualise his 30 year career and move into a productive retirement, and the senior executive completed doctoral research into female attainment.

In providing outplacement and career support to clients I treat people as individuals with a combination of sensitivity, non-judgemental appreciation and pragmatism.”

Professional Career

Apex Charitable Trust – Pre-release training and support for ex-offenders, set up of training centre to support job-hunting and increasing of employability.
GEC Marconi Avionics - Head of learning and development, graduate development, management & leadership development.
BSkyB – Head of Learning and Development, recruitment, organisation development and downsizing of business following merger with Sky included outplacement support and career coaching.
Executive and leadership development providing a unique action learning based system to accredit work based learning to masters and doctoral level with leading international business schools.


  • Power of Personal Influence, McGraw-Hill
  • Impact and Influence, Kogan Page
  • Keep Walking, Leadership Learning in Action, MX Publishing
  • Powering Up Performance Management, Gower
  • Practical Problem Solving & Decision Making, Kogan Page


Consultancy, career coaching, leadership development, executive education, high potential development, organisation development across sectors and internationally including assignments with …

  • The Civil Service, UK
  • Picsolve
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • HBOS
  • Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  • Barchester Healthcare  
  • Diageo
  • Coca-Cola   
  • Motorola
  • Zambia Public Service  
  • Westbury Homes
  • NG Bailey
  • Motorpoint
  • Abu Dhabi Ministry of Transport 
  • Yanbu Petroleum, KSA
  • One Steel Australia  
  • Allied Domecq (Global)
  • Surrey County Council
  • UKAR Mortgages
  • Hallmark Care Homes


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