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Adding value to organisational and business development as an Action Learning Facilitator requires an action learning mind-set as well as a skill-set.

Action Learning is sometimes seen as simply a 'training technique' - this is to misunderstand its purpose, value and foundations. It is not a method to simply be tacked on to the end of a leadership course and it is about much more than running action learning set meetings. The true value of action learning comes from developing a way of being which supports a questions based approach to problem solving and the application of through tackling real business challenges. It is a powerful approach for:

  • Organisational development
  • Strategic problem solving 
  • Creating internal change capability 
  • Turning strategy into action
  • Supporting leadership and talent development
  • Creating a learning organisation.

The ALFA programme enables facilitators to develop their capability by completing their own Action Learning Facilitator Question. This is based on three key essentials action learning facilitator 'Modes' (Mobiliser, Set Adviser, Learning Catalyst) which are based on the original theory and principles of Professor Reg Revans and Action Learning International's experience of adding value through business driven action learning. 

Participants learn from their own action as facilitators working with action learners on real business challenges and are provided with: 

  • A library of action learning resources and case studies
  • Coaching support from experienced and qualified facilitators, experienced in the Action Learning Question methodology
  • Support from an action learning set of other facilitators, providing a valuable network and access to insights from other organisations.  
  • An online facility for sharing knowledge and learning
  • The opportunity to earn participants 20 credits at postgraduate level based on assessment of a reflective learning account of their impact and learning. 

Qualified ALFs are able to apply the unique Action Learning Question (ALQ) method when working with their own business or client organisations. 

The ALFA programme takes place over a period of at least 90 days and can be offered on an in-house basis to create an internally qualified resource.

To discuss your interest in the ALFA programme contact programme leader Dr Richard Hale - 

For a case study on how the ALFA programme has supported in-house organisation and leadership development read Bright Horizons for Action Learning

Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation (ALFA) Programme Overview

“We need to move beyond trying to teach our people.  We need to give them a chance to learn.  We recognise everyone has potential and brings something different to the table - knowledge and experience is valued with models and the academic piece coming after.  The Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation programme enables us to develop the capability to learn and tackle real life business challenges and to move from just discussion to action and learning."

"The Action Learning Questions approach used in the ALFA programme is first class. This sets it apart from other Action Learning facilitators programmes. It led me to re-evaluate my role as a facilitator in a way I wouldn't have done otherwise, and as a result, I have made changes and improvements to my facilitation approach which have resulted in significant benefits for me and my clients. In addition to the learning from the Action Learning Facilitator Questions researched on the programme, there has also been considerable "spin off" learning from the insights gained which have been fascinating and motivational. There has been a significant return on investment from my point of view"




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